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McNamara's Lace

Part of the Ecology Action Centre's and Zuppa Theatre's project 50 Things: An Interactive, Province-wide Art Adventure in 2021McNamara's Lace is part of an ongoing series of quilts created by discarded lobster claw bands collected on the shores of Nova Scotia. The name comes from the term used by sailors in the 19th century to refer to various macramé processes. It was created using a combination of woven and knotted cotton rope and the most common colours of lobster claw bands found in Nova Scotia: yellow, green and blue.


Location: The Gazebo at the Hubbards Community Waterfront and Park. Kjipanu’pek, great bay opening out to the sea (St. Margarets Bay).

EAC Story: Community Fishery. As part of their work to protect our ocean, the EAC’s Marine Program works with fishers and their families on advocacy and community-based initiatives that challenge consolidation and industrial-scale fishing, and seeks to support community led fishing and seafood opportunities that are the backbone of thriving, coastal communities.

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