As a part of Zuppa Theatre's exceptional project This is Nowhere, 'No Speaking' was an installation in the Glitterbean Cafe in Halifax, Nova Scotia. The theme for this location was 'harmony and balance'.


After tying over a hundred pieces of dried grapevines found throughout Nova Scotia to lengths of cotton thread, they were suspended on location in 'sentences' at eye level. They represent an abstract idea of phrasing - be it through the written work, music stanzas or general language symbolism. After returning to Canada after spending two years abroad in the bustling city of London, England, I found it incredibly difficult to describe how much I missed the calm serenity of Canadian nature. While London has a surplus of beautiful green space - I could not develop a sense of attachment to it or truly understand the sense of homesickness I felt.

This piece is meant to be an incoherent representation of these thoughts.  


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