I am available to teach workshops for a variety of skill levels and ages. My ethos is that with any of the techniques we cover, there are no mistakes. Only potential for new and exciting designs.  
Past workshops have included:


Through the use of ones hands and with the aid of fun, collaborative tools, rope-making is a process that all ages, abilities, experience and backgrounds. It is a great introduction to the world of textiles, and also facilitates team building and communication skills.


Braid: A workshop on tools and braids.

From the popular craft ‘scoubidou’ to intricate Japanese-style braiding techniques, all ages and skill levels have the potential to make easy, yet beautiful braided cord, jewellery and artwork using self-made disks or tools.


Exploring both invisible and visible mending techniques, this workshop showcases the history of mended clothing as well as how it is used in contemporary practices. It is a skill that everyone should know!

Crochet as 3D Printing

Crochet provides the opportunity to quickly build three-dimensional forms, a task which is difficult with most textile techniques. Building knot by knot, an object can be created either with careful planning or through improvisation.

Please feel free to send any questions, comments or ideas for collaborations. Thanks for stopping by!

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